Here we will publish changes of judges leading up to our 2017 Championship show

19th July 2017

The Eikon Exhibition Puppy Stakes and All Chem Champion Stake will now be judged by Mr E Paterson in place of Mrs C Muldoon

Mr L Henriques is unable to attend our show, his breed will now be judged as follows

CC Breeds

Cairn Terriers TBC
Irish Terriers TBC
Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers TBC
Boxers TBC
Siberian Huskies


Non CC Breeds

Airedale Terriers TBC
Bedlington Terriers TBC
Norfolk Terriers TBC
Norwich Terriers TBC
BSD Groenendael TBC
BSD Malinois TBC
Pyrenean Mt Dog TBC
Bouvier des Flandres MS C BURNETT
Dogue De Bordeaux MS C BURNETT
Neopolitan Mastiff TBC
Russian Black Terrier TBC
Shiba Inu TBC